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Velcro tires: which to choose for cars and SUVs, reviews

Sooner or later, every motorist is faced with the need to buy high-quality, reliable and durable winter tires. Today we will tell you which winter tires are better - spikes or Velcro. For further info, click here: Cooper Evolution Tour Review

What does the winter season mean for a motorist? This is not only beautiful and fluffy snow, but also a headache. A headache means the need to "re-shoe" a car for the winter. It is important that the tires are strong, reliable and have good grip.

Winter tires must be durable and reliable

When choosing winter tires, you need to take into account the climatic features of the region where the vehicle is planned to be used. In addition to weather conditions, the type of road surface and the quality of the roads should be taken into account. Silent tires are selected for asphalt roads within the city, and durable and passable for off-road.

• Types of winter tires for cars and SUVs:
• Studded, or studded.
• Non-studded (frictional) Scandinavian type.

Non-studded (frictional) Central European type.

Features of spiked rubber

Studded rubber is believed to provide good grip on the road surface. At the same time, the braking distance is significantly reduced, which is especially important in winter. But these winters are not always rich in snow. In such conditions, studded tires are not the best option. Studs can fall out, damaging the integrity of the tire.



• excellent grip;
• good directional stability;
• short braking distance;
• low probability of drifts.


• high noise;
• the presence of vibration in the steering wheel;
• increased fuel consumption;
• loss of thorns.

Want to know how friction tires work and how long they can last? Watch this video review.
Friction rubber is made from a special rubber compound. The improved rubber compound increases the elasticity of the tires. During the movement of the car, Velcro tires adapt to weather conditions, literally "sticking" to the roadway.


• low noise;
• comfortable ride;
• good handling of the car;
• low fuel consumption.


• problems with cross-country ability in deep snow;
• difficulties with ice control;
• long braking distance.

Do not compare studs and Velcro as these two types of car rubber are designed for different conditions. Studded tires are the best option for snowy and ice-covered roads. Friction tires are considered the best option for driving on wet or dry asphalt surfaces.

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